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Bodha.AI - platform for building cohesive teams

Bodha.AI - platform for building cohesive teams

Have you ever wondered why certain teams exceed their goals while others fail to meet their expectations?  Is there a “secret sauce” we can add to our “team recipe” to ensure maximum performance?  We believe that the secret ingredient lies in building a tribe that’s proud of your vision.

How to build cohesive teams predictably?

Imagine a system that allows you to predictably build Cohesive Teams and therefore accelerate the Corporate Mission. At Bodha Inc, our mission lies in using our expert teams' understanding of human psychology in order to measure the following cognitive traits in detail that impact team performance.

★ Personality Traits
★ Psychometric Intelligence
★ Cultural Values
★ Interests

According to Carl Jung, a famous psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and the founder of analytical psychology, “For a better understanding of an individual’s psyche, one needs to take into consideration the personality type”.

What is the Five Factor Model?

One of the most popular Cognitive Assessment tools used by a vast majority of scientists who study personality — is the Big Five Model or the Five Factor Model.  It is a system that organizes personality around five broad clusters of traits: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience.  Using an optimum profile of personality scores of these five factors, we are building on an algorithm to measure team cohesion.

What is Team Cohesion?

Team Cohesion is the degree to which individual members want to contribute to the group‘s ability to continue as a functioning work-unit. We believe that cohesion within a team will improve communication, increase the efficiency, creativity, and the overall performance of the team.  Organizations that have cohesive teams have a thriving and loyal workforce.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”  C. G. Jung

How to make it work for your organization?

Bodha.AI identifies desirable patterns from cohesive teams and recommends a set of iterations to recreate the success. We are the ONLY platform that identifies the cognitive traits of an individual in detail and then use it to pinpoint the right match i.e. assign the right person for a role, align their goals with the company vision, or give objective and relevant performance feedback.

That's why Bodha.AI is able to help companies build cohesive teams, every time!

Author: Karl Cadet, CEO, Bodha Inc.