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Why do we want to build Cohesive Teams?

Why do we want to build Cohesive Teams?

Why do you think the HR managers of your organization spend so much time and effort in trying to find the right fit? A right fit for the organization, the role, and last but definitely not the least, the team.

The answer is simple, and one you may have heard innumerable times in high school – "humans are social animals". Not only do we strive to co-exist, we thrive when we co-exist.

When we step into an office, a workplace, or a community outreach program, we commit ourselves to building something meaningful, to making an impact. We seek inspiration, guidance, motivation, help, and support, not only from our seniors but also from our peers.

Working in teams brings a lot to the table, some of which you may be familiar with. Here’s why we’d rather work in teams:

  • There is a diversity of knowledge and skill brought in with each member of the team.
  • A diversity in viewpoints leading to a vast array of solutions to the problem at hand.
  • Diversity in the tools and ways to implement the proposed solutions.
  • Work done in teams can also give the project a life-line that an individual may not be able to commit. An individual might keep the project short-term, whereas a team can foresee a longer, more intricate project.
  • Working in a team brings the quality to the work that an individual working alone might not be able to.
  • Working together as a group may be able to keep each member motivated as there is a certain push, a certain inspiration to keep moving. This otherwise might have not been the case working alone, and may have resulted in the individual dropping the project prematurely.
  • Similarly, working in a group may increase healthy competition resulting in an outstanding output.
  • Working in teams also leads to more cooperation within members of the same group as there is a certain loyalty and accountability toward the team and its deliverables.
  • There is also a positive impact of working in a team on the emotional wellbeing of an employee.

We all come together, from time to time, to interact and work together. It’s even better if the member of the team really get-along. Here’s why it’s better to work in not just any teams, but cohesive ones:

  1. Cohesive teams deliver more output than hostile teams.
  2. The time-taken to deliver the same output can be much lesser.
  3. Cohesive teams come with many solutions to the same problem as all voices are heard.
  4. Work does not go incomplete as members step up to compensate for the lack of deliverable of another member.
  5. It is also easier for the manager to assign work as members are clear of not only their roles, responsibilities, and capabilities, but also of their teammates, and respect the respective work division and allocation.
  6. Unprofessional work tactics and grapevine communication is considerably reduced when members of the team gel well with each-other.

All in all, building cohesive team is a winning strategy for any business as cohesive teams report more motivation to work, better productivity, and a greater overall organizational success.

Author: Mannika Solanki